Cheyenne, WY – In conjunction with Cheyenne LEADS, the Wyoming Energy Authority has released a roadmap that outlines the path to building a hydrogen economy in the state. The Roadmap is a strategic plan that champions Wyoming as the Energy State with the potential to lead the region in the low-carbon hydrogen economy.

Wyoming’s Hydrogen Roadmap provides a course of action with specific roles and responsibilities for various stakeholders over the next five years, from 2022-2026. This Roadmap leverages the combined strengths of these stakeholders to deliver on the shared vision while simultaneously addressing the challenges that must be overcome.

“This roadmap is a critical initiative for Wyoming because of hydrogen’s inclusive qualities that can benefit multiple segments of the energy economy,” explains Dr. Glen Murrell, Executive Director of the Energy Authority. “Hydrogen’s role as a decarbonized energy carrier with unprecedented transportation and consumption utility makes this a truly transformational opportunity for the entire state.”

Hydrogen can be produced from a wide variety of feedstocks – including coal, natural gas, wind and even nuclear power – bringing the potential to help sustain the wide variety of Wyoming’s abundant natural reserves. In addition, hydrogen’s flexible structure can be converted and transported in various ways, allowing Wyoming to utilize its existing infrastructure, including an extensive natural gas transmission system. Hydrogen can also be added to existing raw low-value energy sources to significantly increase the resiliency of Wyoming’s value chain and provide processing opportunities within the state.

“The development of the Hydrogen Road map will guide the efforts of economic developers throughout the state of Wyoming for generations to come,” said Betsey Hale, Chief Executive Officer of Cheyenne LEADS. “Hydrogen will help Wyoming sustain our legacy energy economy and build on future innovations in the sector.” 

Read the Roadmap to Build a Hydrogen Economy in full for more information.