Two Projects Recommended
for Energy Matching Funds,
Public Comment Period Opens

CHEYENNE, WY – The Energy Matching Funds (EMF) review committee met on Tuesday to review proposals applying for state funding as cost share. The committee recommended to Governor Gordon that two projects be awarded. Governor Gordon has the final approval of the Energy Matching Funds, which is administered by the Wyoming Energy Authority (WEA). 

Summaries of the projects listed below are also available on the Wyoming Energy Authority website. A ten-day public comment period opens today and will close on Friday, March 8, 2024. Public comments can be sent to

The Wyoming State Legislature appropriated the Energy Matching Funds to the Office of the Governor in 2022 in an effort to leverage energy projects that are receiving federal or private funding and are interested in siting projects in Wyoming.

The two projects recommended are:

  1. ATR Partners I LLC, working with Principle Petroleum LLC, Alpha Enriched Air Enhanced Oil Recover, Carbon Sequestration and Hydrogen Production Pilot Project. Award Recommendation: $9,850,000.
  2. Visionary Metals Corp (DBA Lost Creek Corporation), King Solomon Nickel and Cobalt Project. Award Recommendation: up to $1 million.

The Energy Matching Funds continuously accepts concept papers but follows a periodic review process. For more information, please visit