Energy Strategy

Empowering our nation with an all of the above energy mix

The Energy State

With abundant natural resources and deep energy expertise, Wyoming is leading the way to the next-generation energy economy. Wyoming powers the nation – 90% of our energy generating products are exported to markets outside our state borders. As consumer sentiment changes and the demand for low-emissions energy products increase, the Wyoming Energy Authority has developed a cohesive response to evolving market conditions.

All-of-the-Above Strategy

Wyoming’s energy strategy harnesses the full value of our energy resources with an all-of-the-above energy mix: products from our legacy fossil fuel industries, along with the newer players of renewable energy and emerging opportunities in nuclear energy, hydrogen, geothermal, and rare earth elements.

Leading The Way

Wyoming’s abundant resources can continue to deliver reliable and affordable energy to our nation. Our state’s highly trained workforce stands ready to implement new technologies. Decades of policy work and strategic investments have positioned Wyoming as the premier location for energy research and technology commercialization.

WEA Initiatives

We work collaboratively across organizations in multiple areas all around the state. By setting an overarching goal without directing other agencies and organizations to pursue specific assignments, we’re able to draw on their strengths and expertise to advance our strategy. 

Past Initiatives: 

The Wyoming Integrated Test Center


Wyoming Pipeline Corridor Initiative 

Sequestration as a Service

Wyoming Hydrogen Initiative