Energy Generation & Extraction

Wyoming Energy Authority works with developers, owners and builders to support generation projects that are in different stages of development across the state.


Wyoming is home to 1/3 of the coal reserves in the United States. In 2018 40% of the coal mined in the U.S. came from Wyoming, providing 5,534 jobs in the state and delivering $679.6 million to state & local governments.


Oil & Natural Gas

Wyoming has some of the largest natural gas reserves in the country. In 2019, the oil & gas industry delivered $1.67 billion to state and local governments and employed 19,416 people in Wyoming.


Wyoming ranks first for class 6 and class 7 wind sites, the highest site rankings for potential wind speed and power generation. The state currently has 1,816 MW of wind online, which is the result from approximately $3.3 billion invested into Wyoming by wind developers and utility companies. There are currently 4,341 MW of wind under construction, which would bring approximately another $10 billion in investment to Wyoming.

Solar Icon


Wyoming saw its first utility solar project built in 2019, with additional interest in commercial solar projects around the state. In the 2020 Wyoming State Legislative session SF0036 – Large scale solar and wind energy facilities, placed the permitting of commercial scale solar projects (more than .5 MW of power) under Wyoming’s Industrial Siting Council.

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Wyoming mines the most uranium in the United States, producing approximately 173 thousand pounds in 2019 and employing 125 people. Wyoming’s known reserves are estimated at 350 million pounds.

Industrial Minerals

Wyoming is blessed with an abundance of industrial minerals and rare earth elements. Wyoming is the number one producer of bentonite and trona, and our coal reserves have a variety of rare earth elements. These industrial minerals are found in everyday items such as kitty litter and plastics, are critical elements in the production of wind turbines and solar panels, and are currently being researched for further use as part of the increased interest in coal-to-products development.

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