Energy Matching Funds

The Energy Matching Funds (EMF) intend to spur innovation and bring transformative energy projects to Wyoming, leading the way to provide the nation with the energy it requires, solving sustainability issues without deteriorating reliability and affordability.

In 2022, the Wyoming Legislature appropriated $100 million to the Office of the Governor to provide matching funds for private or federal funding for research, demonstration, pilot projects or commercial deployment projects related to Wyoming energy needs including, but not limited to, carbon capture utilization and storage, carbon dioxide transportation, industrial carbon capture, coal refinery, and hydrogen production, transportation, storage, hydrogen hub development, biomass, biochar, hydropower, lithium, processing and separation, battery storage or wind and solar energy. 

The Governor delegated the management of the EMF to the Wyoming Energy Authority (WEA) in an effort to leverage Wyoming-based projects that are applying for federal funding. The Legislature made an additional $50 million available in 2023, including provisions and notice requirements. 

Energy Matching Funds
Eligbility and Criteria

The program is open to individuals and organizations, both public and private, seeking matching funds to meet the purposes of EMF. For full EMF guidelines, click here.

Successful projects will:

  • Address desired actions and outcomes of the project, namely, is the project directly related to Wyoming’s energy needs.
  • Have at least 50% matching funds for the project, either private or federal.
  • Provide a public benefit for Wyoming.
  • Significantly advance research or commercial deployment of projects that benefit Wyoming.
  • Demonstrate the ability to successfully execute the project.

Proposal and Funding Protocol

Submissions will be based on a two-phased process of a concept paper followed by an invitation to submit a formal proposal. If a project is recommended by the Review Committee to proceed, it will then go to the Attorney General’s office for review before being open to a 10-day public comment period, before going to the Governor’s office for approval. Once a project is approved, contract and funding negotiations will be completed with the WEA before a final notice to proceed is granted.

Submission Guidelines

Please read the full Energy Matching Funds guidelines and information packet for more information regarding eligibility, guidelines, and submission requirements. 

Questions can be submitted via email to  The questions and answers will be added to this spreadsheet which will be updated regularly. 

Concept Papers are due by October 2, 2023.

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