WEA Executive Director Announces Resignation

Cheyenne, Wyoming – The Wyoming Energy Authority announced today that Dr. Glen Murrell intends to resign as Executive Director effective March 1, 2023.

The WEA was created in 2020 by the Wyoming State Legislature by merging the Wyoming Infrastructure Authority and the Wyoming Pipeline Authority; Dr. Murrell was the agency’s inaugural director.

Under his tenure, the WEA unveiled its Energy Strategy, which champions legacy industries alongside renewables and next-generation technologies. The WEA also formed notable partnerships with the states of Colorado, Utah and New Mexico to form the Western Interstates Hydrogen Hub and with Idaho National Laboratory to develop a viable nuclear industry in Wyoming.

“We thank Dr. Murrell for his great leadership in getting the Authority up and running,” said Governor Gordon. “The Authority is a powerhouse that will drive Wyoming’s all-of-the-above energy policy. Wyoming’s leadership on nuclear and important climate-related initiatives, from CCUS to renewables, positions Wyoming and the WEA to lead the nation into a bright future.”

“Glen has been an excellent Inaugural Executive Director for the WEA and has helped position Wyoming to meet our energy challenges now and into the future,” said Paul Ulrich, Chairman of the Board of Directors. “We are all in a stronger and more collaborative position today thanks to his work and the work of the WEA staff. We now move to the task of finding a replacement for this critical role and ensuring a smooth transition for our team and Wyoming’s vital energy industry.”

The Wyoming Energy Authority Board of Directors is initiating a job search for Executive Director immediately. Information on the job posting can be found here.