(Official U.S. Senate photo by Rosa Pineda)

Washington, D.C. – Dr. Glen Murrell, Executive Director of the Wyoming Energy Authority, testified Thursday in front of the U.S. Senate Committee for Energy and Natural Resources. He discussed the opportunities and challenges for clean hydrogen and its future in the transportation, utility, industrial, commercial, and residential sectors.

As the only panel member today representing a state’s direct interests, Dr. Murrell discussed how Wyoming is well-positioned to play a central role in developing clean hydrogen.

“With one of the most well-established carbon management infrastructure systems in the world, backed up by proactive state policy and regulatory frameworks including class VI primacy, Wyoming is a dedicated partner within the energy sector,” said Dr. Glen Murrell. “Between our natural resources, the business-friendly environment, and Wyoming’s strategic vision, there has been a groundswell of interest in the pursuit of hydrogen development.”

Wyoming consistently ranks high in traditional, emerging, and renewable energy sources, including hydrogen. Wyoming has 25% of the nation’s hydrogen production feedstock from hydrocarbon and renewable resources. In addition, the state boasts existing export infrastructure to reach high-value markets such as California and the Colorado metropolitan areas, and infrastructure for managing and storing CO2 from blue hydrogen.

For more information, download Dr. Murrell’s full statement, and watch the full hearing.